Five things that make SNSD TaeYeon happy!

SNSD Taeyeon Happy

"Happiness comes in waves. It’ll find you again!" -unknown

Since SNSD TaeYeon newest song is all about being 'Happy', it's now her turn to share the five things that make her happy.

We'll learn all about that in this corner titled "Taeyeon is 'Happy' when together"~

So now that you know the five things that makes her happy, here's another clip where you will learn SNSD Taeyeon's legendary Songs, Performances, and her Phrases as voted by the fans.

This was from Taeyeon's 'Happy for Taeyeon' V Live broadcast.  If you still haven't watched the full video, you can watch it here.

Kim TaeYeon Woo Oh Ga!
SNSD Woo OhGa!
Let's go on for a long time!

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