SNSD SooYoung supports the #ThankstoChallenge

Following Yoona and Yuri, here comes another Girls' Generation member showing her support for the #ThankstoChallenge, a campaign which aims to express and show support to the healthcare workers and front-liners battling against Covid-19.

In her latest post, SNSD SooYoung expressed, "#Thanks to the healthcare workers there is hope where we can regain our vaguely missed daily life a little bit. Thanks to the #ThanksToChallenge, I'm also grateful to be able to support this precious dedication that may have passed by without knowing."

Sooyoung then ended it with, "Thank you Kwon Yuri and Yoo Heejae for participating🙏 People who will participate next in this support Tiffany, Actor Ryu Seungsoo, and Actor Yun JongSeok
Thank youđź’›"

You can also see Yoona and Yuri's messages of support here.

Sooyoung's Instagram

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