What do you want to see on SNSD Taeyeon's 'Taengoo TV'?

snsd taeyeon instagram live

Most of SNSD's own Youtube Channels are active, there's Sooyoung's Story, Yuri's Winning Recipe, and Jessica Land  except for Taeyeon's Taengoo TV but that's about to change soon!

Why? Because Taeyeon has just asked fans on what they want to see in her 'Taengoo TV' channel.  To that, some of the response were Taengoo Shopping, Mukbang, Beauty Broadcast, ASMR, and more~

Towards the end of the video above, Taeyeon thought Instagram would cut-off the video after hitting the 1 hour mark but it didn't so she was surprised and happy at the same time.

If you are still not following their channels, you can find SNSD's Youtube Channels here.

We know you want more so you can also watch her 50+ minutes Live stream below.