List of SNSD members with their own Youtube Channels

snsd youtube channels

After Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, Snapchat, Tiktok, and other social networking sites, these SNSD members took it to the next level by having their very own Youtube Channel!

They really love staying connected and sharing their hobbies, passion, and just about anything with their fans, don't they?

Note: This was originally posted last April, just re-posting for those who may have missed it.

So who are the SNSD members who owns their own Youtube Channel?  Keep reading to find out~


Leading by example, the first one on our list is no other than Kim TaeYeon.  At the time of this post, she currently has 1.19M Subscribers.  TaeYeon's channel showcases her travel adventures, dance practice session, concert clips and more!

When she is bored she also posts random stuffs like her PUBG dance. 

It's been 11 months since her last upload but you can subscribe now while waiting for her next video.  Follow this link for TaeYeon's Youtube Channel.

snsd taeyeon youtube channel


Next on the list is Tiffany Young with 661k subscribers.  Pursuing her international career, Tiffany's channel is mostly about her latest music, rehearsal videos, and behind the scenes of her tour.

She also did one vlog with Seohyun before.

Tiffany's last upload was a year ago, but subscribe now while waiting for the next one.  Follow this link for Tiffany's Youtube Channel.

snsd tiffany youtube channel


Our third one would be Choi Sooyoung's Youtube Channel.  The Sootory!

SooYoung's channel showcases her travel adventures with some food vlog or cooking on the site.  That's our 'Shikshin' or 'Food Goddess' for you.

Also, remember the time when SNSD members gathered for Tiffany's birthdaySooYoung also made a vlog about that.

Right now, SooYoung currently has 274k subscribers. Want to join her next adventure?  Follow this link to Sooyoung's Youtube Channel.

snsd sooyoung youtube channel


Coming in fourth is Kwon Yuri's channel 'Yuri Kwon TV'.  Right now, she currently has 44.2k subscribers so show some love because Yuri can go cooking to mountain hiking.  Sounds fun?

You may follow this link to Yuri's Youtube Channel.

snsd yuri youtube channel


Fifth on the list is Kim HyoYeon's channel.  HyoYeon mainly used it for sharing her 'Hit the Stage' performances and rehearsals.

Just check out this rehearsal clip where you can also see SeoHyun and Amber at the back.

HyoYeon's Youtube channel can be found in this link.

Last but not the least is Jessica Jung with her channel named Jessica Land!

This channel is where Jessica posts her travel vlogs and song covers just like her most recent which is Anne Marie's 'Birthday'.  If we are lucky, Jessica also vlogs with Krystal from time to time.

Join the other 384k subscribers and follow Jessica's Youtube Channel here.

snsd jessica youtube channel

November 27, 2020 Update:
YoonA is finally opening her Youtube Channel.  More info can be found here.
If it's your first time seeing these channels, you now have a lot of videos to watch.  But first, please also subscribe to WonderfulGeneration's Youtube Channel for future uploads. Thank you~♥