Happy 13th Anniversary SNSD!

SNSD 13th Anniversary

As the saying goes, "Time flies when you are having as fun."  We definitely had a lot of fun because believe it or not, today, August 5, is Girls' Generation's 13th Anniversary!

There have been bad times too but whatever happens we will always be here to support SNSD.  Isn't that right, fellow SONE?

To celebrate SNSD's 13th Anniversary, here's our clip featuring their 'Sailing' MV which was released last 2016.  The original music video featured graphics which were inspired by their previous music videos and in this quick edit we decided to add the MV scenes for each song. 

Feel the love, spread the love~

To complete this post, here are some of SNSD's pictures from their rookie years.

snsd 2007 debut pictures

Through thick and thin, just know that we will always be here to love and support you.  Let's keep on sailing~

Happy Anniversary
So Nyeo Shi Dae | SNSD
Girls' Generation

Right Now, It's SNSD! In the future, It's SNSD! Forever, It's SNSD!
Jigeumeun, SoNyeoShiDae! Apeurodo, SoNyeoShiDae! Yeongwonhi, SoNyeoShiDae!

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