SNSD members share messages for their 13th Anniversary!

August 5, 2020 marks Girls Generation's 13th Anniversary!

To celebrate it, here are the SNSD member's greeting fans with their sweet messages.  Let's start with Taeyeon who expressed, "Sincere congratulations on the 13th anniversaryđź’— There will be even more and better things for usđź’—"

Yuri: "It’s (our) 13th anniversary, SONE🙂Impressive, Soshi and SONE are the best! Let’s gather again soon, I miss youđź’—"

YoonA: "Our SONEđź’—Thank you so much for being together with SNSD for 13 years~!!Going forward, let’s be together for a long, long time~!! I love youđź’—"

Sunny: "When I first met SONE, I didn’t realize we’d be together for this long.. Because we have each other, we were able to come to where we are now. Sincerely thank you~ I love you. Thank you for helping us make this dream-like anniversary of 13 years. Going forward, let’s lean on each other and be together loving each other!! Thank you SONEđź’—"

Through Bubble, Sunny also added...

Hyoyeon: "SONE! It’s (our) 13th anniversary!!!!!Let’s be together forever~!!!đź’—"

"Hyoyeon: Thank you Soneđź’ž"


Members who were able to send messages are SNSD members who are still under SM Entertainment.

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