SNSD Yuri is being offered the lead role in a historic drama!

SNSD's Yuri is still filming her mini-drama titled 'Breakup Probation, One Week' (Tentative Title) but she has already received another offer!

On August 26th, it has been revealed that Yuri is currently in talks to star in an upcoming historical drama titled 'Stealing Fate' (Tentative Title).  If she accepts it, she will be playing the role of a Princess Soo Kyung, a princess who pretends to be "reserved" and "quiet" to upkeep the image of the royal family. Following the wishes of her family, she is married to the older brother of her childhood crush, but is quickly widowed after being married one day. Then, her life changes when she's "stolen away" by a stranger named Ba Woo (played by Jung Il Woo).

The story of 'Stealing Fate' will revolve around a man who makes a living by "stealing" women away from their homes - a traditional, old Korean rite where hired men "steal" women away after their fathers give away their hand in marriage.

Akp, Daum