Four cosmetic brands that are endorsed by SNSD right now!

13 years later, we can still say that right now is Girls' Generation!

As of now, SNSD members are still in demand when it comes to different endorsements and as a proof of that, these members are currently promoting top cosmetic brands in Korea.

This list will also help you decide if you are on the edge looking for new cosmetic products.

Let's start with Taeyeon who is currently promoting A'PIEU, a brand which offers skincare and makeup products.

Second is Sooyoung who is now promoting the skincare line named 'Cellcure'.

The third one is YoonA's freshly signed contract with Estee Lauder, a leading brand when it comes to skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care products

Officially, she is a former member but yes, we are including Jessica in this list.  She is currently endorsing REVLON, a brand which also caters cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and personal care products.