SNSD Seohyun's 'Private Lives' Episode 6 (Recap)


Episode 6

"Jeong Hwan keeps a close eye on people he once trusted.  With a common goal in mind, Bok Gi draws up a win-win scenario to earn Joo Eun's partnership." -Netflix

In this episode, Cha Joo Eun continues to search for answers regarding the mystery behind Jeong Hwan's "death".  Will she be able to get more information from Jeong Bokgi?  Will they start helping each other?

Not only Joo Eun but Jeong Hwan too is out to search for answers.  Why did he have to "die"?  Who are the people behind it.  Can he trust the people who he has been working with for the past years?


From their Episode 6 teaser, there was this scene where we thought Joo Eun and Jeong Hwan would finally meet again.  Did it happen in this episode?  You'll find out after watching this episode and after that, you can now watch 'Private Lives' Episode 7 teaser below.

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