Trailer videos for YoonA's drama 'HUSH' revealed!

SNSD YoonA's drama titled 'HUSH' is coming soon!

We'll talk about more about the drama later in this post but we'll let you watch their clips and trailers first.

Behind the Scenes (English Subbed)

Making Film

Photoshoot Behind the Scenes


'Hush' will start airing on December 11.  In this drama, YoonA will be playing the role of Lee Ji Soo, an intern reporter.  When she meets her mentor (played by Hwang Jung Min), she starts to dream of being a true journalist.

Along with YoonA and Hwang Jung Min, the drama also stars Son Byung Ho, Kim Won Hae, Park Ho San, Lee Seung Joon, Yoo Sun, and more!

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