SNSD Sunny cheers on exam takers!


December 3rd is D-Day for the SAT or the Scholastic Ability Test in Korea.

Cheering everyone who will be taking the exam, here is SNSD's Sunny cheering everyone with her adorable selfie~

"Tomorrow is national exams!!!!!!!! Kkiyaak!!!! I will be anxious on your behalf so that exam taking students can show their skills!!!!!! Aja aja~!!!! Have strength!!!!!!!!! Hwatting♡♡♡♡♡"


As the day has ended, Sunny continued to express her support by saying, "Everyone who took national exams!! I’m proud of you for trying your best until the end in a difficult situation environments!!!! You worked hard today! Let go of your anxiety and worries and send yourself warm encouragement!! I hope your heart is comfortable tonight~  Well done!!!!!!!! You’re the best~!!!! You did well!!!!!! You worked hard!!!!!!!!!! Pat pat!!!!!!!!!! Butt ppang ppang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♡♡"

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