SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 2 (Recap)

 SNSD Yoona HUSH Episode 2

'HUSH' Episode 2

"Gomtang keep the pot boiling", that's the title for this episode.  It's related to Han Jun Hyuk at the start but you'll find the deeper meaning about in the latter part of this episode.


If you want to meet Jisoo (YoonA), you would have to wait 11+ minutes as the first few minutes of this episode will be about Jun Hyuk and his colleague who are working on their exclusive about "fraud hiring".

Spicy Chicken

In this episode, Jisoo will finally have the chance to grab a drink with Han Jun Hyuk - her mentor.  Was she a fan all along or an anti-fan, and why? 

While at it, we will also see Jisoo's legendary drinking skills or maybe it is YoonA's drinking skills?  It will be fun to watch the behind-the-scenes video or a making film for this one.



The last day of their internship has come but in a world where people values background more than a person's competency, will the four interns be hired as regulars eventually?  Who will remain and who will survive?

No Gain, No Pain

That last question will be answered in this episode but we will end this recap for now to avoid spoilers. 

Episode 3 Preview

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