Highlight clips of Taeyeon's tracks from 'What Do I Call You'

Five days to go before Christmas! Oops! We mean the release of SNSD Taeyeon's 4th mini album titled 'What Do I Call You'.

That will be on December 15th to be exact and aside from her stunning teaser pictures, you can now listen to her highlight clip below~

Aside from these highlights
you may also browse Taeyeon's 'What Do I Call You' teaser pictures here

'To the Moon' Highlight

'To the moon' is a song that stands out with Taeyeon’s singing which is chic yet soft and to the beat. Lyrics express the desire to leave to the moon when feeling down.

Taeyeon participated in the lyrics and composition of the song "To the Moon" along with production team Devine Channel and R&B artist SOLE

Galaxy' Highlight

'Galaxy’(갤럭시)' is a minimal R&B ballad with calm guitar, warm piano melody and #Taeyeon’s deep emotion. Lyrics talk about a miraculous moment where everything changed after meeting one person.

'Wildfire' Highlight

‘들불 (Wildfire)’ creates bright energy with Taeyeon’s endless vocals on top of a speedy accompaniment. Raises excitement with cheerful & lively guitar synths. Compares feelings of love that spread passionately to flames in a field.

'Playlist' Highlight

'Playlist' is an emotional song with an acoustic guitar, piano, a retro organ sound combined with Taeyeon's soft & drowsy voice. Lyrics are about gifting a playlist full of memories & affection to a loved one.

Stay tuned for the highlight of other tracks.

Taeyeon's 'What Do I Call You' Full Tracklist

01 What Do I Call You
02 Playlist
03 To the moon
04 들불 (Wildfire)
05 Galaxy
06 Happy

 Preorder link and more info about Taeyeon's 'What Do I Call You'

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