SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 8 (Recap)

'HUSH' Episode 8

"Do you prefer alcohol to coffee?"

Cover Up

Continuing from the 7th episode, Jun Hyuk will find out that their chief chose to cover for them regarding the sticky note incident.  They may have to deal with it later but for now, Jun Hyuk and Jisoo's team are all still all set on finding more facts about MP Go and the story about the solicitation.

*MP  = Member of Parliament


Jisoo is still diligent as ever and to kick off her search for the truth, she will start interviewing her colleague who got the tip first regarding the issue about Geumon Company Solicitation.  


Later on, after a day's work, Jisoo and her colleague met up with Jun Hyuk.  While pondering about the discrimination that happened to Soo Yeon as well as to other applicants, Jisoo will receive another valuable advice from her mentor.


In their attempt to talk to MP Go, they will need someone who is not only good looking but is also good in acting.  Our best bet would be Ji Soo and yes, she will volunteer to do the job.  But will they take her seriously?



Finally, the show is on.  Ji Soo and Jun Hyuk are off to meet MP Go Su Do.  Find out if they will at least get a coffee, a tea or maybe something they didn't expect during their meeting.

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