The release of SNSD Yuri's product on CeleBrand has been delayed


We have seen how busy SNSD's Yuri was in conceptualizing and preparing for her product launch in partnership with Celebrand but sadly, we will have to wait a bit longer before its release.

Regarding the postponement, Celebrand stated, "Hello, this is a celeb brand.  For the upcoming brand launch.  Despite the efforts of celebrities and many staff.  The product production schedule was delayed due to the spread of Covid19 at the end of last year and the impact of the 2.5 step distance, which inevitably delayed sales.  The schedule will be announced through an announcement later.  It will not be too late, we will see you with better products.  In the future, to our celeb brand we ask for your expectation and interest.".


To cheer everyone up, here's Yuri with her pretty selfies.

Yuri's Instagram

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