SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 14 (Recap)


  'HUSH' Episode 14 
 "Newspaper is not Hangover Soup."


With Daily Korea knowing Han Jun Hyuk and Lee Jisoo's every move, it's like 'Private Lives' all over again!

Jun Hyuk is one step ahead of their game, though, so watch out if his plan will work out or not.


Jisoo too will handle the situation with ease but she will feel exhausted after talking to their Chief.



Seeing how things turned out for the better, Jun Hyuk will regain the trust of their CEO.  To return the favor, he will gladly share one of his hidden secrets.

On the other hand, Kyung Woo will also share his little secret with Jisoo while they were eating to cheer her up. 

Later on, Jisoo will try to confess her mistakes to her seniors but seeing how supportive they are, her passion to become a real reporter will reignite once more.

Small World

It's a small world indeed as just when they were starting to have fun, Jun Hyuk and the people from the 15th floor will also arrive at the same bar. 


The following day, Jisoo will finish writing her article titled 'No more fights between the victims, but a Win-Win'.  Unexpectedly, their Chief approves and publishes it right away.  He even asked Jisoo to go out and have lunch with him.

On the other hand, will Jun Hyuk be caught trying to take items from their CEO's safety box?

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