Yuri snap photos with her flowers from Tiffany!


YulTi is back!

Kwon Yuri is still busy playing the role of Constance in 'Grandpa Henry and Me', and last night, it was Tiffany and Sooyoung's turn to show their support.

Tiffany even brought Yuri some flowers and you can see her gorgeous photos below followed by their video~

Yuri: "Any day spent with you is my fav day 🍷🥂 so, today is my new fav day 🖤 " 

Prior to this, Tiffany reposted Yuri's post and added, "so proud 😢 of this lovely gorgeous beautiful human being i get to call my friend so inspired 😭 to see you grow so much & continue to challenge yourself as an artist.  You were so cool today Yuri-yah I love you ♥"


While Sooyoung also posted~

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