SNSD Sooyoung's 'So I Married the Anti-Fan' Episode 11 Recap

  Sooyoung So I Married Anti Fan Episode Recaps

'So I Married the Anti-Fan' Episode 11 Recap
"There comes a time when you must choose a side"

Coming from the previous episode, Hoo Joon took Geun Young out to comfort her but just when the two are starting to enjoy their sweet moments, Hoo Joon received a call from In Hyung's phone.  It turns out that In Hyung fainted, and with his number saved on her speed dial, the hospital contacted Hoo Joon first.

Hoo Joon tried to take Geun Young home first before he go to the hospital but Geun Young insisted that she should go too because it will be a big issue if Hoo Joon goes alone.  They arrived at the hospital, and thankfully, In Hyung's condition wasn't that serious.

During this time, Geun Young and In Hyung also had the chance to talk to each other.  In Hyung confessed that she was the one who leaked Hoo Joon's song but she didn't think that the fans will blame Geun Young.  Upon hearing this,  Geun Young will be mad but not that much because she still took care of her in Hoo Joon's stead.

The press people eventually caught on.  They knew that Hoo Joon is at the hospital and they are eager to find out the reason why he is there.  To prevent it from becoming an issue, Geun Young proposed that she should switch places with In Hyung and pretend that she is the one who was hospitalized.

The plan worked but now, Geun Young is bored at the hospital.  Thankfully, Hoo Joon came to the rescue.  He disguised himself as a delivery man and brought Pizza.   Geun Young was craving for Tteokbokki, though, so the two ended up sneaking out the hospital.

After buying Tteokbokki, the two went to Hoo Joon's house.  Just before they start eating, Geun Young mentioned that she probably knows the house more compared to Hoo Joon except the room in second floor.   To this, Hoo Joon responded and he finally let Geun Young inside.  It turns out that it was a gaming room which is also filled with his fond memories. They continued to share more stories while drinking and eating but there was one thing Geun Young couldn't ask from Hoo Joon.  
The next day, Hoo Joon's manager was frantically calling Geun Young early in the morning.  He thinks that Hoo Joon was kidnapped; he was indeed abducted but it turned out that it was done by a fan who just wanted to ask Hoo Joon to help him with his proposal.  Hoo Joon ended up doing the event for the fan, and Geun Young and Ji Hyang was relieved when they learned about this upon seeing him at the hospital.

Geun Young and Ji Hyang will be thankful and upset at the same time so after appeasing his manager,  Hoo Joon went back to Geun Young and took her out on a fishing date.   
It was also the day where the third episode of their reality show was aired.  The two took the chance to watch it together but unexpectedly, their latest episode revealed their accidental kiss during their first filming.  Hoo Joon was giggly about it but Geun Young is already nervous about the response of the fans.   Will this be another issue or will the fans finally start to support our couple?  (Want another kiss scene?  Watch out for it!)

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