Clips and Pictures from Choi Sooyoung's drama 'If You Wish Upon Me'

 sooyoung if you wish upon me

Choi SooYoung's new drama is finally coming!

With the final title of 'If You Wish Upon Me', the said drama is set to start airing on August 10 at 9:50  PM KST.  

Giving us a preview, below are the teasers with Sooyoung and her leading man, Ji Chang Wook~














Sooyoung with Ji Chang Wook from 'If You Wish Upon Me' event

Original Post: September 28, 2021

It's finally official!

After reviewing the offer, it has been confirmed that SNSD's Sooyoung has accepted to play the role of a Nurse in the upcoming drama titled 'If You Wish Upon Me' /'Tell Me Your Wish'.

The drama will revolve around the story of people who of dream of "dying well".  Along with Sooyoung, Ji Chang Wook will play the role of a man who would do everything he can to avoid death.

Their filming will start later this year.

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