TaeYeon's 'INVU' MV + Behind the Scenes

TaeYeon's 3rd Full Album 'INVU'
Release Date: February 14, 2022


INVU Dance Practice

INVU Dance Practice Behind the Scenes

INVlogU #03 MD Meeting, Heal Me recording, and INVU exhibit

INVlogU #02 Practice Session + Inkigayo Backstage

'INVU' MV Commentary

'INVU' MV behind the scenes

'SIREN' recording behind the scenes

'INVU' Jacket Behind the Scenes

REPLAY of Taeyeon's 'INVU' Countdown

 TaeYeon's 'INVU' MV

Taeyeon's 'INVU' media conference 

Taeyeon's 'INVU' greetings for music sites 

Behind the scene pictures


 D-Day teasers from TaeYeon



TAEYEON 태연 'INVU' Clip #10 Ending Credits


TAEYEON 태연 'INVU' Clip #9 Heart


TAEYEON 태연 'INVU' Clip #8 Toddler


TAEYEON 태연 'INVU' Clip #7 Cold as Hell


TAEYEON 태연 'INVU' Clip #6 Timeless


TAEYEON 태연 'INVU' Clip #5 You Better Not


TAEYEON 태연 'INVU' Clip #4 Siren


TAEYEON 태연 'INVU' Clip #3 Set Myself of Fire


TAEYEON 태연 'INVU' Clip #2 Some Nights


TAEYEON 태연 'INVU' Clip #1 No Love Again


TaeYeon's 'INVU' MV Teasers


TaeYeon's 'INVU' Image Teasers 8

TaeYeon's 'INVU' Image Teasers 7

TaeYeon's 'INVU' Image Teasers 6


TaeYeon's 'INVU' Image Teasers 5

TAEYEON 태연 The 3rd Album [INVU] Album Detail - ENVY Version

TAEYEON 태연 The 3rd Album [INVU] Album Detail - ENVY Version


TAEYEON 태연 The 3rd Album [INVU] Album Detail - BLUE & ORANGE Version


TaeYeon's 'INVU' Image Teaser 4

TaeYeon's 'INVU' Image Teaser 3


TaeYeon's 'INVU' Image Teaser 2


TaeYeon's 'INVU' Image Teaser 1

'INVU' Mood Sampler

INVU Vlog #1 (English Subbed)


Let the teasing begin!

Following the pre-release of 'Can't Control Myself', SNSD's Taeyeon will finally drop her 3rd full album on February 14!

That means we will be greeted by her teasers in the upcoming days and here's a list on what we should expect~

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