Krystal's 'Crazy Love' Episode 16 (Recap)

 Krystal 'Crazy Love' Episode 16 (Recap)

Krystal's 'Crazy Love' Episode 16 (Recap)

Krystal Jung as Lee Shin-Ah

From mortal enemies to lovers?  That's the story of Lee Shin-Ah and Noh Go Jin! 

But will it be a happy ending?  Let's find out in this final episode.

Worried about their previous conversation, Shin-Ah went to Go Jin's house to check on him.

There, Shin-Ah was surprised to see Oh Se Gi, and she found out that the two have already resolved their misunderstandings.

As for Go Jin and Soo Young, the two also had the chance to properly end their relationship.

Meanwhile, Shin-ah almost became a one-day nanny when Chief Ma's son barged into their company looking for her.  All turned out well as the two met, and Go Jin even told Chief Ma that she can go back to her work.

As for our 'Mystery Korean Teacher', Shin-Ah received a lot of compliments and she even received offers from various Educational companies to be their instructor.

Shin-Ah ended up signing with Ilpum Edu.

Go Jin became sulky after learning this.

To the point where Shin-Ah had to act cute and call him Oppa, Honey, etc so he can forgive him.

Did the magic word work?  Of course it did and Go Jin ended up hugging her and said that he will support her decision.

As for Shin-Ah and SooYoung, the two who almost became best-friends at the start, had the chance to talk about their misunderstandings too.

It started with Shin-Ah trying to kill Go Jin with a hammer, and in this scene, she gave it to him as a gift and said, "If you smile or even look at another woman, I'm going to hit you with this".

Alas, it's Shin-A's first day as Ilpum Edu's instructor.  Go Jin was there to support her as he fetched her from her house and also waited for her outside.

Towards the end, Go Jin proposed to Shin Ah.  They didn't show it but the two ended up getting married.

Only wonderful days are ahead for our couple!  

The two went on dates, bought their new bed, and continued to enjoy each other's company.

 -The End-


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