Krystal's 'Crazy Love' Episode 9 (Recap)

Krystal's 'Crazy Love' Episode 8

 Krystal's 'Crazy Love' Episode 9 (Recap)

Krystal Jung as Lee Shin-Ah

Time to deal with the aftermath of their unexpected kiss in the previous episode.

Shin-A wanted an apology.  Go Jin tried to downplay it but he eventually gave a sincere apology.

Maybe it was more than just a kiss as the two were unable to sleep that night.

The awkwardness continued the next day but it seems that it was more awkward for Go Jin.

He even thought that Shin-A was trying to kiss him when Shin-A just wanted to remove the hair on his shoulder.

After work, Shin-A was ready to go home after dropping Go Jin and his things but as if he was wanting to spend more time with her, Go Jin made her do fresh dishes, clean his room, etc.

Go Jin eventually ran out of things for Shin-A to do so when she was about to go home, he told her that he is also going out to buy cola.  But the truth was he just wanted to make sure that Shin-A gets home safely.

The next day, Go Jin met Baek SooYoung at the gym.  She proposed that they should go on a dinner with Shin-A and to this, Go Jin quickly agreed.  

During their dinner, SooYoung asked a lot of things like how the two met, and what they like about each other.  As his fake fiancee, Shin-A had no choice but to answer with. "He's so great and kind."

After their dinner, Go Jin finally pulled the last thread of Shin-A's patience when he accused him of stealing the earrings which he lent to her.  Shin-A grabbed Go Jin's hair asking for an apology and then it lead to an intense pillow fight.

The next day, Shin-A was ready to submit her resignation but she ended up saving Go Jin's life.  She was so concerned about his safety that she didn't even know that she was the one who got hurt.

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