YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 1 (Recap)

 Yoona Big Mouth Episode 1


'Big Mouth' is a drama that revolves around the bizarre things that happen when a mediocre lawyer coincidentally takes charge of a murder case and digs deeper into the hidden truth.

YoonA's character is a nurse and a supportive wife to Lee Jong Suk, a lawyer who one day, was mistakenly took as the conman named 'Big Mouse'.  After hearing this, YoonA sets off to clear his name.  
 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 1 (Recap)

Im YoonA as Go Miho | Lee JongSuk as Park Changho

1st Anniversary

Yoona Big Mouth Episode 1 Recap

We start the episode with Changho surprising his wife, Miho, on their first anniversary.

Yoona Big Mouth Episode 1 Recap

Miho was shocked at first knowing that they are not that rich but she was re-assured when she overheard Changho's phone conversation that her husband was hired as a lawyer of a big murder case.  Changho had to leave after receiving the phone call but they agreed to continue their celebration at home.

Seven Days Earlier

Yoona Big Mouth Episode 1 Recap

Something happened to Changho after he left, but let's go backwards first.

Seven days earlier, we see Miho and Changho living as normal as husband and wife.  Changho is a lawyer while Miho works as a nurse.

Miho's colleagues thinks that she's rich because Changho is a lawyer but that's not really true.

Changho even got involved in a scam and lost all Miho's savings.  He tried to represent the case together with other victims but he lost the case.  In this scene, Miho got the news and she told Changho that she couldn't live with him anymore.  She told him to prepare and bring the divorce papers and see her at home.

With a bottle of Soju, Miho furiously waited for Changho.  He didn't come home as he was scared of his wife, and another reason was Changho got a phone call from Mayor Choi Doha hiring him as a lawyer of  a murder case.

At this point, Miho still doesn't know what Changho is up to.  They thought he was the one knocking at their door but it turns it was the loan sharks who came to seize their belongings.

Miho's Father called Changho to tell him about what happened and when Miho tried to speak with him, the phone call was suddenly cut.

With the money that he received from Mayor Choi Doha, Changho finally had the courage to go home.  Miho was still angry but that changed when she saw the money that Changho brought.   More than happy, Miho was skeptic on where and how her husband got that money.

All is well!

The couple who almost divorced earlier are back to their honeymoon stage.

Back to the present

From where we started earlier, we are back to the hotel where Changho prepared a surprise dinner for Miho.  Changho had to leave ahead of them and as he was on his way out, he was offered a free drink which he gladly accepted.

There must be something in the drink as Changho got dizzy while driving which eventually led to him getting into a car accident.


Who could the one behind the rigged drink?  Our primary suspect for now is Gong Jihoon, the President of Gukdong Daily, whom Changho tried to blackmail earlier.   We don't know but it could be Mayor Choi Doha too.

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