YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 2 (Recap)

  Yoona Big Mouth Episode 2

 YoonA's 'Big Mouth' Episode 2 (Recap)

Im YoonA as Go Miho | Lee JongSuk as Park Changho

Continuing from Episode 1 where Changho got into an accident...

Changho recalls the time where he competed in Pole Vault.

He failed his attempt but he was reminded that Miho was always there everytime he fails.

That's when Changho finally regained consciousness.  He woke up at the hospital and saw Miho and his Father-in-law who are so worried about him.

Moments later, cops appeared arresting Changho for illegal drug use.  It turns out that the drink that he got from the hotel was really drugged.

In this scene, Miho told Changho that they trust him that's why he should do his best to hold out while in prison.

Miho tried to visit Changho at the penitentiary but she was denied, they told her that Changho doesn't want to meet any visitors but the truth was Changho couldn't meet her because he was badly beaten inside the prison.

As Miho and their lawyer was about to leave, that's when they found out that aside from illegal drugs, Changho has been framed as the notorious conman named 'Big Mouse'.

Miho's Father asked their lawyer to take Miho away for the time being but Miho thought otherwise.  She used the press to relay her message to Changho.  

In this scene, Miho told Changho that they are going to fight until they prove his innocence.  She also added that she won't let it go if he refuses to see her again.

Miho will do everything that she can to prove Changho's innocence.  She resigned from her work and applied to Gucheon University Hospital to dig deeper.

Changho on the otherhand also wants Miho's safety.  He even asked their lawyer to prepare their divorce paper so that Miho won't be involve whatever happens to him.


Life at the prison was really hard and it made Changho reminisce his moments with Miho.  There was a time where Miho bravely confronted their neighbors about their pipes leaking.

They had a big fight but in the end, they got the repair fees that they were demanding.

There was also a time where Changho tried to break up with Miho, but Miho refused and told him that they should get married instead.

Miho told Changho that she would take care of him, and true enough, she was a big reason why Changho became a lawyer.

Back to the present

While inside the penitentiary, Changho already lost hope.  He tried his best to get killed by attacking other criminals but every time he did, he ends up winning the fight. 

The episode then ended with Changho trying to escape wishing that the guards will shoot him while on his way out.

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