SooYoung's 'If You Wish Upon Me' Episode 7 Recap

  If You Wish Upon Me Episode 7 Recap

'If You Wish Upon Me'

 Choi Sooyoung as Seo Yeonjoo     |     Ji Chang Wook as Yoon Gyeore

 Episode 7 Recap
"Yeonjoo and GyeoRye "

 SooYoung's 'If You Wish Upon Me' Episode 7 Recap

After seeing that there's a patient in Room 403 last episode, Gyeore went to confront Yeonjoo about it.  Yeonjoo was flustered but she told him that it's a VIP room.  She only lied about it being a storage room because they didn't want tell everyone specially the patients as they may feel uncomfortable.


Gyeore didn't buy her excuse so he continued asking.  But Yeonjoo was firm that she's telling the truth and she told Gyeore that he should just mind his own business.  In the end, Gyeore tried to scare her by saying that he'll go and ask Taeshik instead.

SooYoung's 'If You Wish Upon Me' Episode 7 Recap

Yeonjoo then went to find Kang Taeshik but after asking around, she found out that he went hiking to set up traps for the boar who attacked a man in the previous episode.

SooYoung's 'If You Wish Upon Me' Episode 7 Recap

A while later, Gyeore went looking for Yeonjoo again.  He heard that she might have went up the mountain so he immediately followed her.   It was raining and after seeing a dead baby boar, Gyeore become even more concerned about Yeonjoo.

After a few moments, Yeonjoo saw Gyeore and she cheerfully greeted him but Gyeore was mad because he thought she got attacked by the boar.

Yeonjoo laughed it off and even teased Gyeore by asking if he cried because he thought that she got attacked by a boar.  While all that was happening, Dr. Yang was watching them, he came to give Yeonjoo an umbrella but he just went back after seeing the two.

When the rain stopped, Yeonjoo and Gyeore then buried the dead baby boar that they saw earlier.

The two went back at the hospice, and in this scene, we see Yeonjoo thinking about the knife that she saw earlier in the mountain.

As for Gyeore, he caught a cold after being drenched in the rain earlier.  Yeonjoo was there to take care of him but she also took it as an opportunity to tease him saying that he should exercise too.

During their conversation, Gyeore shared his recent concerns and asked Yeonjoo to show him that death isn't the end.  Yeonjoo took that literally and showed him her tattoo.

After that, Gyeore suddenly confessed to Yeonjoo saying, "Seo Yeonjoo, I like you", and fell asleep right after.

The next day, the two were somewhat awkward.  Gyeore asked Yeonjoo if he blurted out anything ridiculous last night.  Instead of saying yes, Yeonjoo said no and left with a smile.

On another note, there's Dr. Yang who also likes Yeonjoo.   He called her in his office and gave him a gift.  He said that it was a belated birthday gift as well as an apology for what he said before regarding Sehee (episode 5).

Dr. Yang's gift was a necklace and a gym membership.  Yeonjoo was thankful for the kind gesture but for some reason she said that she couldn't accept the gym membership.

Later on, three men appeared at the hospice,  Gyeore was the first to see them and after knowing that they are looking for Yeonjoo, he immediately went into defensive mode.  It turns out that one of them is Yeonjoo's brother who owns a gym, and they came to volunteer.  It was also the reason why she couldn't accept Dr. Yang's gift.

Gyeore finally completed his community service hours but instead of celebrating, everyone was speechless.  As always, he tried to act cool and said that he's off and left to pack his things.  Upon hearing it, the others just laugh it off and said that he wouldn't be able to leave.

Gyeore then had a talk with Taeshik, during their conversation, Taeshik shared he ended up at the hospice and how Yeonjoo and the other patients saved him.  

Taeshik went on and he also revealed that his cancer came back that's why he needs Gyeore to take over and lead Team Genie.

Yeonjoo passed by and she was deeply saddened when she overheard that Taeshik's cancer has returned.

Gyeore and Taeshik's conversation continued and the episode ended with the two going to room 403, and Yeonjoo calling them over the phone after seeing that Gyeore's dog is sick.

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