SooYoung's 'If You Wish Upon Me' Episode 8 Recap

   If You Wish Upon Me Episode 8 Recap

'If You Wish Upon Me'

 Choi Sooyoung as Seo Yeonjoo     |     Ji Chang Wook as Yoon Gyeore

 Episode 8 Recap
"Farewell Sonny"

 SooYoung's 'If You Wish Upon Me' Episode 8 Recap

Continuing from Episode 7 where Yeonjoo found out that Sonny's condition has gotten worse.

 SooYoung's 'If You Wish Upon Me' Episode 8 Recap

Thinking that Sonny's last wish might be to punish his previous owners who abandoned him, Gyeore went to find them.  He eventually found them and what made Gyeore even more furious was seeing them try to buy a new dog.

He confronted them and it ended up with Gyeore wrecking their car.  Before he can do more damage, Yeonjoo came to stop him saying that it's not what Sonny wants.

SooYoung's 'If You Wish Upon Me' Episode 8 Recap

That night, Team Genie brought Gyeore and Sonny to a place where they prepared a big screen.  They thought Sonny would be happy to roam around freely so they prepare a video to make him feel that he's running around.

 SooYoung's 'If You Wish Upon Me' Episode 8 Recap

It was a heartwarming scene, and that's how Sonny enjoyed his final moments.

SooYoung's 'If You Wish Upon Me' Episode 8 Recap

Gyeore really ended up staying at the hospice, and here, we see Yeonjoo smiling brightly after helping another patient who's last wish was to see the Giraffe which he took care of when he worked as a zoo keeper.

SooYoung's 'If You Wish Upon Me' Episode 8 Recap

Meanwhile, the mystery behind Room 403 is still unsolved.

Taeshik went to Yeonjoo to ask about it but then she still answered that there's no one there but a ghost.

Taeshik knew Yeonjoo was just joking but when he saw that she's hesitant to tell him the truth, that's when he stopped asking.


 Yeonjoo tried to check if Gyeore remembers his confession but Gyeore was able to evade it.

Later on, it turns out that it was Taeshik's birthday and here, we see them throwing a surprise for Mr. Kang.

After the party, Yeonjoo and Gyeore were the ones left to clean-up.  During their conversation, Gyeore said that he regrets what he did towards Sonny's previous owners.

Yeonjoo replied that he doesn't need to feel ashamed as he doesn't need to win her favor.  Hearing this, Gyeore finally confessed that he needs to because he likes her.

Gyeore then took the courage to ask Yeonjoo to go out on a date.  Yeonjoo didn't want to answer right away but when Gyeore stood up thinking that he was rejected, Yeonjoo said yes if she could decide on where they would go.

The two finally went on a date but it wasn't the date that Gyeore was expecting.  They started doing some CPR training...

volunteering at an animal shelter...

rock climbing...

and uphill biking.

The two then decided to cap off the night by having coffee but they were already closing when they arrived.  As they were walking their way out, Gyeore took the courage to kiss Yeonjoo.

Yeonjoo then asked if someone pushed him, and then kissed him again saying that's how it should be done.

After kissing Gyeore asked Yeonjoo if someone pushed her, and to this, she said that he pulled him.

Yeonjoo and Gyeore had a lot of fun but it turned sour when they went back at the hospice and saw Gyeore's ex-girlfriend waiting for them.

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