Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 7 Recap

 Yuri Good Job Episode 7 Recap

'Good Job' Episode 7 Recap

 Kwon Yuri as Don Sera  |  Jung Ilwoo as Eun Sunwoo

 Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 7 Recap

We start the episode with Sera and Sunwoo waking up in each other's arms.

Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 7 Recap

Sera was flustered so she quickly jumped out of the bed. Before any misunderstanding, Sunwoo was quick to explain the situation.

Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 7 Recap

Sera then hurriedly prepared as she's late for her work but Sunwoo assured her that she can take her time.

Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 7 Recap

Turns out that their secret base is also connected to Sunwoo's office that's why they got inside the company in no time.

Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 7 Recap

Sera went to Taejoon's office but she was surprised that he's still not there.

Yuri 'Good Job' Episode 7 Recap

Moments later, Sunwoo called Sera telling her to quickly leave as Taejoon already knows who she is.  

Taejoon almost caught Sera but Sunwoo saved her by putting her inside a big trash can.  As you can see, it seems Sera wasn't even bothered by the smell.

Sera's cover as Taejoon's secretary may have been blown but that wouldn't stop our detectives.  The two dressed up as cleaners and they are up to investigate about the alleged embezzlement which was posted in their company forum earlier.

They may have chosen the wrong cover, though, as the two were forced to carry their cleaning tools up to the 12th floor...

and even clean the comfort rooms.

While at it, Sera almost got caught by Taejoon again but...

Sunwoo was there to save her and they left him tied up inside the men's room.

With Taejoon taken cared of for the time being, Sera and Sunwoo were able to focus on finding Manager Chung and learn about the truth about the embezzlement posted in their forum.

They eventually found her and Sunwoo as the Chairman of Eunkang group assured them that there will be proper investigation.  

After a long day, Sera tried to convince Sunwoo to throw a company dinner for her to celebrate their success and her first day as his official assistant.

Sunwoo said that he started hating company dinners after the previous incident but eventually, Sera was able to convince her.  While having their meal, Sera and Sunwoo were able to share more about them.  Sera even shared about the nightmares that she has been having.

After their dinner, Sunwoo accompanied Sera to her house.

Sunwoo noticed that there were men following them so he asked Sera to quickly go inside her house.

Sera felt uneasy.  When she looked back, she saw a group of men were following Sunwoo.

The episode then ended with Sera seeing Sunwoo's clothes filled with blood after getting stabbed.

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