SooYoung's 'Fan Letter, Please' Episode 4 Recap (Finale)

  'Fan Letter, Please' Episode 4 Recap

 'Fan Letter, Please' Episode 4 Recap (Finale)

Choi SooYoung as Han Kang Hee | Yoon Park as Bang Jeong Seok


The final episode of 'Fan Letter, Please' continues with JeongSeok trying to comfort KangHee.

As KangHee doesn't have anywhere to go, she ended up staying at JeongSeok's house.

As JeongSeok was about to leave, KangHee's manager arrived along with the food that they ordered.  JeongSeok thought that KangHee wouldn't have the appetite to eat but he knew he was wrong after seeing how excited KangHee was after seeing the chicken.

Just like that, KangHee stayed at JeongSeok's house where she had nothing to do but to eat and sleep.


 Finally, JeongSeok came back to bring some supplies and check on KangHee.


KangHee started acting strange when JeongSeok was trying to put all the supplies inside the storage room.

When JeongSeok finally opened the room, that's when he found out what KangHee was trying to hide.


JeongSeok kicked KangHee out but that didn't last long as KangHee met her CEO on her way out.  They went back inside, the three had a conversation but mostly it was the CEO calculating JeongSeok's ability if he was suited for KangHee

On her way out, the CEO offered to give JeongSeok a ride to the hospital but KangHee thought otherwise.

She made JeongSeok stay for dinner but while they were having their meal, JeongSeok got a call from the hospital that Yuna was missing.

They immediately rushed to the hospital to search for Yuna.

In the end, they found her at the rooftop garden.  JeongSeok was so worried that she was gonna do something bad but she was just there to make a wish.

After taking care of Yuna, KangHee and JeongSeok had a conversation.  Thinking that he had so much fun during their time together and almost forgot that he is Yuna's Dad with a lot of responsibilities, JeongSeok told KangHee that they should stop seeing each other.

KangHee couldn't reply to that but all she could do was cry at her house while looking at JeongSeok's gift.

Days passed, Yuna finally got discharged from the hospital. As for KangHee, she finally had the courage to explain her side regarding the bullying issue.

KangHee accepted an offer to star in a Hollywood movie.  Her manager tried to inform JeongSeok that she's leaving to film in the U.S. but when JeongSeok arrived at the airport, KangHee's plane has already departed.

Months later, KangHee finally finished filming her movie and is now busy promoting it.

When she got back in her room, KangHee was surprised by a lot of stuffed toys.

When KangHee accidentally pressed one of the stuffed toys, that's when she found out that they are all from JeongSeok.  He recorded all the letters which KangHee couldn't read before.

KangHee got so immersed in listening to all the messages as if JeongSeok was there with her.

Touch and inspired, KangHee started replying to all the fan-letters one by one.

At last, KangHee is back to promote her movie in Korea. 

At the studio, she was surprised by JeongSeok who wore a shirt which read as 'KangHee's manager' and Yuna with the shirt 'KangHee's fan'.

After all that happened, the two finally started dating each other.

JeongSeok proposed to Kang Hee, and...

as everyone would have wanted, the three lived happily ever after.


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