SooYoung's 'Fan Letter, Please' Episode 3 Recap

 SooYoung 'Fan Letter, Please' Episode 3 Recap

 'Fan Letter, Please' Episode 3 Recap

Choi SooYoung as Han Kang Hee | Yoon Park as Bang Jeong Seok


Continuing from Episode 2, we start with the flashback of Kang Hee as she see Jeong Seok carrying a pink box.

Thinking that it could be a gift for her, KangHee secretly followed JeongSeok inside the music room.

Later on, KangHee went on to check her locker.  There were two pink boxes...

but unfortunately, she opened the other box which was from her classmate that is jealous of her, and not the one from JeongSeok.

JeongSeok arrived at the scene to help KangHee but looking back...

KangHee told JeongSeok that she didn't know that his intention was to help her.  JeongSeok also asked about the other box but KangHee said that she wasn't able to open it until now. 

KangHee then went home after their conversation, and with everyone gossiping about how she bribed JeongSeok to let her use Yuna's story for her own gain, KangHee couldn't do anything but to sleep, eat, and binge watch her favorite dramas.

That changed when JeongSeok uploaded video to explain the whole situation.  KangHee was then able to go out, and here, she met Yuna who gave her a personalized candle as a gift.

Later that night, KangHee and JeongSeok went out and they sneaked into their old school to reminisce.  They also talked about the video which JeongSeok uploaded to clear her name.

JeongSeok also brought his gift which KangHee failed to open before.

Just like the old days, the two almost got caught by the school guard but they were able to hide and sneak out through the window.

The guard still saw them but they managed to escape by running through the playing field.

It's time to revive KangHee's image.  Her managers presented different options but in the end, they chose the third option.

What's the third option?  It's to make a cameo appearance in a movie.

Unfortunately, it was the debut movie of Gu Hyeri, the one who sent her the bloody gift box during their highschool days.  The two had a short conversation after their filming, and Gu Hyeri used it to spread lies saying that KangHee bullied her during highschool.

Just like that, the news spread and everyone was against KangHee again.  She also tried to blame and push JeongSeok away but in the end, JeongSeok was the only one who was there to comfort her.

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