SooYoung's 'Fan Letter, Please' Episode 2 Recap

  SooYoung Fan Letter Please Episode 1 Recap

'Fan Letter, Please' Episode 2 Recap

Choi SooYoung as Han Kang Hee | Yoon Park as Bang Jeong Seok

Continuing from the first episode, Kang Hee found out that Yuna is Jeong Seok's daughter.

At first, Kang Hee was firm in saying that Jeong Seok should tell the truth to Yuna right away.  But when Jeong Seok kneeled and told her Yuna's story, that's when Kang Hee started to rethink about the situation.

Kang Hee couldn't sleep after that, and she thought about it the whole night.

The next day, Kang Hee finally decided to go with Jeong Seok's "white lie" to make Yuna happy.

She surprised Yuna and everyone else at the hospital.

Yuna was very pleased to see her idol as seen in this picture.

During her visit, Kang Hee also donated 100 million won to the hospital.

She also read a story for the kids, and even gave out autographs.

When Kang Hee asked about Yuna's wish, she said that she wants to visit Kang Hee's house.  Kang Hee had no choice but to grant her wish.

They had a lot of fun, though, as they recorded a vlog with Kang Hee answering their questions.

They even enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Kang Hee.

After having dinner and putting the kids to sleep, Kang Hee and Jeong Seok had a few drinks.

It was their first time meeting each other after high school so they had a lot to catch up.

But when Kang Hee went to get another drink, it accidentally spilled into Jeong Seok's clothes.

Kang Hee had to lend Jeong Seok some of her clothes and she had a lot of fun taking his pictures while trying them on.

Kang Hee started teasing him and when Jeong Seok tried to get the phone from Kang Hee so he could delete the pictures, the two fell on the couch.

It was a perfect moment to kiss.  Kang Hee was ready for it but Jeong Seok's mind was really into deleting his funny pictures.

Before she knew it, Jeong Seok already got her phone and went to delete his pictures.

The next day, Kang Hee woke up and saw Jeong Seok preparing their breakfast.

Trying to impress Jeong Seok, Kang Hee immediately took a shower, and put on some make up.  When Jeong Seok called her, she said she just woke up looking pretty as you can see in the picture above.

Everything was going well.  Kang Hee was about to drop them off at the hospital but...

another issue came up saying that everything was staged and that Kang Hee paid Jeong Seok to let her use Yuna's story.

Yuna was also there, and at this point, Kang Hee had no choice but to tell Yuna that she wasn't the one who wrote the letters.

Yuna was so stressed about the situation.  Her nose started bleeding so they had to rush her to the hospital.

After taking care of Yuna, Jeong Seok and Kang Hee went out to talk.  Here, Jeong Seok tried to give Kang Hee all the letters that Yuna wrote.

Jeong Seok noticed that something was wrong with Kang Hee.

And he was reminded by the same situation which happened during their high school days.  It turns out that the reason why Kang Hee has a phobia with gifts and letters was because she received a letter/gift filled with blood during high school.

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