Saturday, February 28, 2015

SNSD HyoYeon goes "Boong Boong Boong" in her adorable clip

Out for a Sunday drive, here is SNSD's HyoYeon who got bored after they got stuck in traffic.

Entertaining herself, and us fans as well, here is her adorable video clip where she added, "The car really got stuck in traffic jam, and I was bored (in the car) i wanted to go *boong boong boong too, making myself laugh>_< hahaha"~
*(mimicking the sound of strong cars)

Watch Amber and Luna perform 'Shake that Brass' in this week's Music Core

f(x)'s Amber is back to shake your Saturday!

Together with Luna, here is their 'Shake that Brass' performance from this week's Music Core.

Check out the cute photo of SNSD's Sunny

Taken during her date with her sister, here is SNSD's Sunny who shared, "A date with unnie and me, just the two of us..❤️ I miss you already again i miss ma sista already #LA #sangria."

Take a look at her cute photo below~

Check out the behind the scene pictures from f(x) Krystal's short film 'Woman, Man'

Scheduled to be released this March is f(x) Krystal's short film titled 'Woman, Man'.

She'll be starring in the film together with actor Seo JunYoung, and here are some behind the scene pictures from their shoot.

SNSD's SooYoung posed for an adorable photo wearing her black hoody

Wearing her hoody, here's SooYoung who playfully asked, "What color is this hoody?ㅋㅋ #Blackhoody".

Is it really black? Take a look at SooYoung's adorable photo below~

Following that, SooYoung also shared a photo from her 'Cosmopolitan' pictorial.

Check out the behind the scenes from SooYoung's 'Cosmopolitan' pictorial

After seeing her lovely pictures, it's now time to see the behind the scenes from SooYoung's 'Cosmopolitan' pictorial.

Check out her next clip below~

SNSD Yuri greets fans with her lovely picture

Greeting their fans in Japan, here is SNSD's Yuri who expressed, "Hello everyone. It's Yuri.  How are all you SONEs doing? There's only a bit left of February. The cherry blossom season is soon!! But it's also hay fever season too, so please be careful of pollen ^^ Also, the FC event, "SONE LIMITED PARTY", in April has been announced. Just thinking about being able to meet all the fans makes me nervously excited.  Please look forward to our new single, "Catch Me If You Can", too.  SNSD will try our best from now on so please support us!!".

Along with that was her beautiful photo which you can see below~

Friday, February 27, 2015

Let's eat chicken with f(x)'s Luna!

Looking for a midnight snack? You came to the right place as f(x)'s Luna is here to make you crave for some delicious chicken!

Check out her next photos below where she added, "#GoobneChicken #Friday #MidnightSnackMenu #HoneyCurryCrunch #RedPepperCrunch #Happiness My family gathered on this Friday night after a long time to have a chicken party >< The Honey Curry Crunch chicken my sister who loves chicken lost has fallen for ~~ Do you want to have chicken with me ~~? Forgetting my diet today! Happy midnight snack time"~

SNSD's SooYoung at Diorama's Pre-launching Party

Following her lovely pictures with Ha Jiwon earlier, here are more of SNSD's SooYoung at the Pre-launching Party of Diorama.

Browse her gorgeous photos from the event below~

f(x)'s Amber snapped cute SelCas with Rainbow's Woori and Jisook

f(x)'s very own "Miss Congeniality" is back with another set of pictures with her friends from the idol world!

That's Amber, and here are her photos with Rainbow's Woori and Jisook where she added, "Please huuuug me!* With my mom… & gopher♥♥ #GoWooriNim #KimJisookNim #RainbowHasAppeared #ShakeYourButt"~

Amber performed 'Shake that Brass' with Luna in this week's Music Bank

It's time to party with f(x)'s Amber and Luna!

Performing 'Shake that Brass', here's their fantastic stage from this week's Music Bank~

SNSD SooYoung snapped lovely photos with Ha Jiwon

It's a wonderful night with SNSD's SooYoung and actress Ha Jiwon!

Both were present at Diorama's pre-launching party, and from the venue, here are the lovely photos of the two~

Check out the teasers for 'Best of Best in Manila' concert with Girls' Generation!

SNSD best of best manila concert
SONES from the Philippines better get ready to meet Girls' Generation once again as they are headed to your country this April for the 'Best of Best in Manila' concert.

The concert will be held at the Philippine Arena on April 12 at 7PM, and together with SNSD are Super Junior, Red Velvet, and BTOB.

Inviting all their fans, here are their teaser, as well as the video greeting with Tiffany, TaeYeon, and SeoHyun~

SNSD HyoYeon revealed that she will be releasing a lifestyle book in her interview with 'ELLE' magazine

A book about lifestyle and more, that's what SNSD's HyoYeon revealed in her interview with 'ELLE' Korea.

Have a good read, and check out HyoYeon's interesting interview below~

Girls' Generation's HyoYeon sent a love call to ‘Elle'. With an unexpected concept at that. She said she wanted to shoot a beauty pictorial, and, coincidentally, was in the process of preparing a book consisting of her lifestyle know-how's this spring. 9 years since her debut. It's a long time, and showing a new charm from Hyoyeon that hadn't been seen was the editor's mission and want. But, we were kind of worried as to how she may take on natural or smokey eye makeup without fake eyelashes (she said it was her first time shooting without fake eyelashes since debuting), and without the shiny, full makeup she wore on stages. “Hello!” Hyoyeon entered the studio with a powerful greeting. After seeing her detailed [facial] features, and thin legs that looked like they could break, I thought to myself, ‘As expected, she is an idol'. When the concept was explained, she seemed to hesitate, but she energetically replied, “You all are professionals, so I'll trust you and leave it in your hands!” The first cut was natural makeup that was close to not having any on. When she came out wearing a faded denim shirt, she gave off a fresh mood that we, and even Hyoyeon, never knew about. After she handled the following strong red lipstick and deep smokey eye fabulously, a smile slowly spread on her face when we moved to a different spot for the interview. Was it an indication that she was content? During the fairly long interview, she was excited and told us her beauty know-how's, and near the end of it, she pulled a pouch out of her bag, and explained each thing inside of it. It seemed like she really liked this beauty project because she even took photos of her favorite beauty items that she uses at home, and sent them via mobile messengers.

This type of beauty photoshoot is a first for you, right? The concept, mood, and poses were probably unfamiliar. How do you feel?
For me, it was a challenge. Of course, I was hesitant, but since I decided to do it, I tried my best to be confident. When it comes to beauty, I'm really strict. I have my own method when it comes to my eyebrows and eyeliner. Because I've given that up today, it, of course, is awkward, but I got used to it quickly. I kept telling myself, ‘This look is okay, too', and, ‘I can't be stuck in a cage forever'. But, when we did the first test cut, I looked pretty. Haha.

Is there a makeup technique that you always do?
Since I've been active for so long, I think I know my good and bad traits better than anyone. I bring out the good and compensate for the bad. This technique has to do with my eye liner, and eyebrows.

SNSD's lovely SooYoung for Cosmopolitan's March issue

SNSD's SooYoung is here to show her "it" beauty items!

Check out her lovely photos from Cosmopolitan magazine's March issue below~

SNSD SeoHyun greets fans with her cute SelCa + BTS pictures from TaeTiSeo's pictorial

SNSD's SeoHyun is here to greet fans with her adorable self-camera picture!

Take a look at her charming photo below where she added, "Have a good day~:D"~

After her SelCa, SeoHyun also shared a pair of photos from TaeTiSeo's pictorial for 'Louis Quatorze'.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wonder Girls' YeEun received the 'Female Musician of the Year' from the 2015 Korean Music Awards

As voted by netizens in Korea, Wonder Girls' YeEun has received the 'Female Musician of the Year' award from the 2015 Korean Music Awards which was held today, February 26, 2015.

From the award show, and together with her trophy, you can check out YeEun's beautiful photos below~

Congratulations YeEun!!

Check out the lovely photo of f(x)'s Luna

It's f(x)'s Luna modelling her bag from 'Lancaster'!

Take a look at her charming photo below~

f(x)'s Amber posed for a SelCa with 4Minute's HyunA

Here's f(x)'s Amber together with one of her friends from the girls of 4Minute.

Check out her adorable SelCa with HyunA below~

f(x) Amber's 'Shake that Brass' finally debuts on M!Countdown

f(x)'s Amber has finally made her solo debut on M!Countdown!

Performing 'Beautiful' followed by 'Shake that Brass' together with Luna, here are their awesome stages from this week's show~

TaeYeon shares TaeTiSeo's group picture from their 'Louis Quatorze' pictorial

Following TaeTiseo's pictures from Louis Quatorze earlier, here's another group photo from TaeYeon.

Check out her lovely group photo with Tiffany and SeoHyun below~

"Wedding pitch….#LouisQuatorze #TTS #TaeTiSeo #LouisQuatorze"

f(x)'s Amber and Luna snapped cute SelCas for M!Countdown

Amber's 'Shake that Brass' will finally debut later on M!Countdown!

While we wait for tonight's show, Amber and Luna are here to greet fans with their cute photo first~

Check out f(x) Amber's photo with Red Velvet's Wendy and SHINee's Minho

Taken during Amber's solo debut stage on Music Core, here she is together with Red Velvet's Wendy who performed with her as well as SHINee's Minho who came to show his support.

Check out their lovely group photo below~

Jessica Jung greets fans with her sweet SelCa picture

Here's the sweet Jessica Jung greeting everyone with, "Night night #sweetdreams #finallytimetosleep #yayy #goodnight #wanan".

Along with that was her adorable photo which you can view below~

Girls' Generation's HyoYeon for 'ELLE' magazine's March issue

Gracing the March issue of 'ELLE' magazine is no other than Girls' Generation's HyoYeon!

Check out her gorgeous preview photo below~

"Natural ! #ELLE #ellekorea"

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