Thursday, December 31, 2015

Girls' Generation performed 'Genie' and 'Lion Heart' at MBC's Gayo Daejejeon

Time to welcome the new year with Girls' Generation!

Here are their 'Genie' and 'Lion Heart' performances MBC's Gayo Daejejeon~

Sulli snap a cute photo with IU

Welcoming the new year with her friend, here's Choi Sulli together with IU.

Check out their cute SelCa picture below~

The Wonder Girls performed 'So Hot' and 'I Feel You' at MBC's Gayo Daejejeon

The Wonder Girls rocked MBC's Gayo Daejejeon with their wonderful performances!

Sunmi, Yeeun, Lim, and Yubin performed 'So Hot' and 'I Feel You', and for those who missed it, you can now enjoy their performances below~

SNSD Yuri and the cast of 'Local Hero' greets everyone a Happy New Year!

SNSD's Yuri and the cast members of 'Local Hero' are here to send their New Year greetings!

Here's the video from the set of their drama~

SNSD TaeYeon shows off her cute tattoo with SHINee's Key

Here comes the SMTown bond!

Showing their cute and playful tattoos, here's SNSD's TaeYeon together with SHINee's Key~

"Key:Aaaaah my hand !! TaenguTaengu TaengTaengu"

Jessica Jung sings 'Gravity' by Sara Bareilles

Jessica Jung sings Gravity by Sara Bareilles
Here's a wonderful treat from Jessica Jung!

Below is her next clip where you can see watch her beautiful rendition of Sara Bareilles' 'Gravity'.

Wonder Girls, f(x), and TaeYeon ranked in Billboard's Best K-Pop albums and songs!

As we bid goodbye to 2015, it's also that time of the year when music sites round up the best of the best when it comes to albums and songs.

That being said, here are the Wonder Girls, f(x), and TaeYeon who ranked high in Billboard's Best K-Pop albums and songs.  Let's start off with their 'Best K-Pop albums' where f(x)'s '4  Walls' ranked 2nd and Wonder Girls' 'Reboot' placed first!

Check out the latest updates from SunMi, YeEun, and Yubin

Greeting their fans, here are the latest updates from Wonder Girls' SunMi, YeEun, and Yubin.

Check out their adorable clips and pictures below~

SNSD's SeoHyun and f(x)'s Victoria will be hosting the 30th Golden Disk Awards

Girls' Generation's SeoHyun and f(x)'s Victoria are set to host the 30th Golden Disk Awards!

On December 31st, it has been revealed that two have been chosen as the female emcees because they are the female singers who are most known in China.  They will be joining Super Junior's Leeteuk, Kim Jong Kook and Jun Hyun Moo. 

The 30th Golden Disk Awards will be held in Korea on the 20th and 21st of January.

SNSD SeoHyun goes to Kim Chang Wan after her cute mistake

It was a subtle mistake, some didn't even notice it, and some thought it was cute.

We are referring to SNSD SeoHyun's special stage with Kim Chang Wan, and we can't blame her if she was a bit nervous during their performance.  Who wouldn't be if you are standing there alone, singing your senior's song.

What's admirable was how SeoHyun handled it, she naturally hummed the lyrics which she forgot, went on, and finished with a great performance.  After that, she went to Kim Chang Wan during the ending and talked about what happened.

You can witness these moments through the next clip~

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

SNSD posed for a lovely group picture at the backstage of KBS' Gayo Daechukje

The fun from KBS' Gayo Daechukje isn't over!

Taken at the backstage, here are the lovely girls of SNSD who posed for a group picture.  Take a closer look and you'll also see EXO's Chanyeol at the back~

Meanwhile, it seems they took this during SeoHyun's special stage that's why she is not here.

Watch SNSD SeoHyun's special stage with Kim Chang Wan Band at KBS' Gayo Daechukje

The 2015 KBS' Gayo Daechukje is over, and it was Kim Chang Wan Band who wrapped up the festival.

Different artists participated in the special stage, and among them was SNSD's SeoHyun who sang a beautiful rendition of the band's 'Memory Below The Window'.  Enjoy their beautiful collaboration below~

SNSD performed 'Party' and 'Lion Heart' at KBS' Gayo Daechukje

What time is it? It's Winter time with Girls' Generation!

As expected, SNSD delivered another set of wonderful performances at the 2015 KBS Gayo Daechujke.  They performed the Winter version of 'Party' and they wrapped it up with 'Lion Heart'.

Enjoy their special stages below~

SNSD SooYoung posed for a lovely set of SelCa picture

Busy but still pretty!

That's SNSD's SooYoung, and here are her latest SelCas to greet fans~

SNSD TaeYeon performed 'I' at KBS' Gayo Daechukje

SNSD's TaeYeon has rocked KBS' Gayo Daechukje with her solo stage!

If you missed it, here's TaeYeon and her awesome 'I' performance~

SNSD's Tiffany sang 'Dear Mom' with Red Velvet's Wendy at KBS' Gayo Daechukje

The first of many special stages tonight, here's SNSD's Tiffany who sang 'Dear Mom' together with Red Velvet's Wendy.

Check out their heartfelt performance below~

SNSD's SooYoung at 2015 MBC Drama Awards

It's a hectic day for SNSD's SooYoung!

After gracing, the red carpet event of KBS' Song Festival, she left right away to attend the red the 2015 MBC Drama Awards.  She was there to present an award, and here are cuts from the show follow by her pictures from the red carpet event~

Check out the scans from SNSD's 2016 Season's Greetings Calendar

Greeting fans, here comes SNSD's 2016 Season's Greetings Calendar!

If you still haven't bought your copy these next photos will help you decide.  Browse SNSD's scans below~

Girls' Generation at the red carpet event of the 2015 KBS' Gayo Daechukje

Girls Generation 2015 Gayo Daechukje
It's D-Day for the 2015 KBS' Gayo Daechukje aka KBS' Song Festival!

Girls' Generation will be impressing us once again with their special performances but before that, let's check out their video and gorgeous pictures from the red carpet event first~

SNSD Sunny greets fans with her cute selfie

Girls' Generation is ready to rock the 2015 KBS' Gayo Daechukje!

While waiting at the backstage, here's SNSD's Sunny who posed for a cute selfie~

"Waiting room is busy busy!!"

SNSD Yuri shared cute photos from the set of 'Local Hero'

Here's more of Kwon Yuri from her upcoming drama!

Check out her cute photos from set of 'Local Hero'~

SNSD Tiffany shared her cute pictures feat. SooYoung

Delivering her own meme, here's SNSD's Tiffany who shared the next pair of pictures.

Meet El-SooYoung and Tiffa-Anna~


f(x)'s Amber snap a photo with BTOB's Sungjae

Here's f(x)'s Amber together with BTOB's Sungjae.

The two met at MBC's Entertainment Awards which was held last night, and here's the photo which they took at the backstage.

"Amber: We dont need Kangin lol we just gotta get Gongchan to join us now :)"

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jessica Jung is coming for you!

Watch out because a gorgeous girl is coming for you!

She's no other than Jessica Jung, and that's what she wrote in her latest post~

"I'm coming for you"

SNSD's HyoYeon for SINGLES' January issue

Time to get excited with SNSD's HyoYeon!

After teasing us with her pictures, SINGLES magazine has now released her gorgeous photos.  Check them out below~

Check out the lovely BTS pictures from SNSD YoonA's 'Innisfree' pictorial

After her promotional pictures and videos, Innisfree is back to server more of SNSD's YoonA!

Here are the lovely behind-the-scene pictures from her latest pictorial~

Praise the Lord with f(x)'s Amber and Stitch

It has been a great year, and if you haven't thanked God yet, why don't you join and f(x)'s Amber and her friend.

Check out their next picture which Amber captioned, "Hallelujah! praising the Lord with stitch :)"~

SNSD's Yuri snap group photos with the cast of her drama 'Local Hero'

Reminding everyone to watch their upcoming drama, here's SNSD's Yuri together with the cast of 'Local Hero'.

You can find more posts about 'Local Hero' here, but before that, you should check out their lovely group photos first~

'Local Hero' is set to air its pilot episode on January 23.

Choi Sulli will star in Kim Soo Hyun's movie titled 'Real'

Choi Sulli is up for another movie project!

After 'The Pirates' and 'Fashion King', it has now been revealed that she has been cast in Kim Soo Hyun's upcoming movie titled 'Real'.

'Real' will be an action noir film which will be about a troubleshooter who handles requests in the underworld, and the mysterious events he encounters. Kim Soo Hyun will be playing the role of Jang Tae Young, the ruthless troubleshooter who aspires to conquer the city by building a large scale casino while Sulli will be playing the role of Song Yu Hwa, a physical therapist at the VVIP rehabilitation hospital which Jang Tae Young frequents.

Aside from the two, the movie will also star Sung Dong Il, Lee Sung Min and Jo Woo Jin, and Han Ji Eun. Their filming will start in January of 2016.

Monday, December 28, 2015

f(x)'s Amber snap a group picture with Lovelyz's Kei, Tiger JK, Bizzy, and Bang Yongguk

On December 28th, f(x)'s came as a special guest at SBS' Super Model Contest.

She performed with Lovelyz's Kei, Tiger JK, Bizzy, and Bang Yongguk, and here's their group picture which they took at the backstage~

SNSD SeoHyun captivates fans through the making film of her 'Cosmopolitan' pictorial

SNSD's SeoHyun is back to mesmerize fans!

After charming us with the pictures from her 'Cosmopolitan' pictorial, here comes the making film~

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