Hyoyeon reveals her favorite dessert and more in her SANOOK interview

SNSD Hyoyeon Sanook Interview

Sanook - Thailand's biggest web portal had a chance to a an e-mail interview with SNSD's Hyoyeon!

In the said interview, Hyoyeon shared, "Recently I’ve been doing my work as a DJ. I watched TV, movies and listened to songs of various genres while I was resting. I also interacted with my fans by looking at the comments on social media when I had time." after she has been asked about her activities doing during the COVID-19 pandemic, aside from preparing her new music.

SNSD Hyoyeon Sanook Interview

Hyoyeon was also asked to share memorable parts during her 'Dessert' MV filming with Loopy and Soyeon, and to that, she answered, "We were not very close to each other when we first met to shoot the music video so it felt a bit awkward at first, but we became more comfortable with each other while shooting the music video and we were able to finish shooting our music video with the professional appearances of all three of us."

SNSD Hyoyeon Sanook Interview

With 'Dessert' as their topic, they also asked Hyoyeon about her favorite dessert and she answered that question with, "I love dessert. I enjoy eating refreshing "Pat Bingsu" (Korean shaved ice dessert) and watermelon in the summer. My favorite dessert is bread. I think I eat bread at least 3 times a week. Bread is the best dessert without a doubt. (smile)".

For the rest of Hyoyeon's interview you may follow this link to Sanook.com. (The english version is at the bottom part of the page)