SNSD Yuri 'Bossam: Steal the Fate' Episode 20 (Finale) Recap

   SNSD Yuri 'Bossam: Steal the Fate' Episode 18 Recap

Time to close another book.  Yes, it is already the final episode of SNSD Yuri's  'Bossam: Steal the Fate'. 

SNSD Yuri 'Bossam: Steal the Fate' Episode 20 Recap

Let's continue from Episode 19 where Princess In Hwa/Soo Kyeong was handed by Lady Court Kim to the Left State Councilor.


The Left State Councilor brought Princess In Hwa to his home and there he offered her to Da Yeob who he is proposing to be the next King.  In Hwa was filled with anger upon hearing this while Da Yeob wasn't happy about it either.  

The next day, Da Yeob came to his Father (Left State Councilor) saying that he is ready to accept his offer but in one condition; that is to visit his real Father's tomb together with In Hwa.  The Left State Councilor already knew that Da Yeob was plotting something but he still agreed.

The day of the visit came, as expected Dae Seok was there to ambush the Left State Councilor's party.  To make it look realistic,  Dae Seok and Da Yeob even had a sword fight but it was just a diversion.  While Yi I Cheom was watching them fight, his trusted man Tae Cheol aided In Hwa in her escape.

Princess In Hwa is safe but the treason is still on.  Dae Seok is working with the Westerners to oust the King and the Left State Councilor.  Knowing this, In Hwa is ready to bid goodbye as she knows that if she becomes an ousted King's daughter, she can no longer be with Dae Seok.   That is what was running through her mind even though Dae Seok assured her that he will be with her no matter what.


The coup was a success but while it was happening, In Hwa and the King's reconciliation was made possible by Dae Seok and the Commander of the Royal Guard who remained loyal to the King up to the very end.

After all these, we see In Hwa trying to live as a Buddhist nun.  


It was a hard decision for her to make but just when the monk was about to shave her head to get her ready for her initiation, a familiar man wearing a black mask appeared.

Yes, he is no other than Dae Seok, and we end this drama where it all started.  Through Bossam.

-The End-

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate actress Kwon Yuri for another job well done.  From your superb acting up to the record-breaking ratings, we surely look forward to your next work!

Also to everyone who watched the drama and followed our recaps,  Kamsahamnida!  We will continue working hard to give you better updates and recaps in the future~♥

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