Wednesday, February 22, 2017

SNSD's blooming Sunny for The Star's March issue!

SNSD's Sunny is coming to the March issue of 'The Star'!

Giving us a lovely preview, you can see her cover below~

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SNSD Sunny went on a date with Roronoa Zoro

Spend your free time 101!

Here's how from SNSD's Sunny who had a fun and great time today~

"Today I went on a date with our Zoro oppa!!!! #Kkyareuk"

"Riding the cat bus to go meet Totoro!!"

SNSD Yuri for InStyle's March issue!

Stay InStyle with SNSD's Yuri!

Here she is gracing the magazine's March issue.  Check out her hot photos below~

SNSD TaeYeon released highlight clips for 'My Voice'

SNSD TaeYeon's first full album, 'My Voice', is just around the corner!

It will be released on the 28th, and here she is treating us with her highlight clips~

Preorder SNSD TaeYeon's first full album 'My Voice'

The date is set for the release of SNSD TaeYeon's 'My Voice', her first full album!

It will be released on the 28th of February, and you can now preorder it through the following links~

Girls' Generation: Tae Yeon Vol. 1 - My Voice + Poster in Tube
Preorder Link ~> $29.99 (International)

SNSD TaeYeon unveils teaser pictures for 'My Voice' her first full album!

Hold on to your seats! 'I Got Love' was just a pre-release track and there's more to come!

SNSD's TaeYeon will finally be releasing her first full album titled 'My Voice' on the 28th of February.  It's title track will be the song named 'Fine' but before all that, let's check out her teaser photos first~

Monday, February 20, 2017

SNSD TaeYeon updates fans with her adorable clip

SNSD's TaeYeon is up to color our world!

Check out her cute, funny, and adorable clip below~

Sunday, February 19, 2017

SNSD SooYoung tease fans with a photo from her InStyle pictorial

SNSD's SooYoung is coming to InStyle Korea's March issue!

Teasing all her fans, here's her beautiful photo where she added, "Despite inclement weather, perfect shoot due to harmony ❤ Editorial with bimbaylola in Spain, in March issue of instylekorea 👏💋 "~

SNSD YoonA treats fans with her cute selfies

Do you like selfies?

YoonA knows it, and here she is treating us with her cute selfie~

"Selfie you guys like #SelfiesAreNoNoForMe #BurdensomeShot"

Jessica Jung is in full bloom in her latest pictures

Blooming as always, here comes Jessica Jung!

Check out her lovely photos below~

"In full bloom🌼"

SNSD SooYoung shows her support for Yoon DoHyun

Friends forever!

Here's SNSD's SooYoung showing her support for Yoon DoHyun's concert.  Check out their backstage photos below~

"Hanbam partner I've met again ❤ Singing Yoon Chairman-nim #Respect 👏 
#Compliment #IRespectYou #YoonDohyun #YB #OppositeTou"

Watch SNSD YoonA's making film from 'Confidential Assignment'

SNSD YoonA's acting skills? That's not confidential!

We all know how great she is, and you are about to see it again.  Below is the making film from her movie titled 'Cooperation' aka 'Confidential Assignment'~

SNSD SeoHyun has dated a celebrity, check out her cuts from 'Knowing Brothers'

Turns out our beloved maknae is a ninja when it comes to dating!

Her 'Knowing Brothers' episode has finally aired, and inside it was her revelation that she has dated a celebrity before and she cried when they broke up.  

When the hosts asked "Is he still active right now?" SeoHyun replied, "Active how?", the hosts then asked, "Is he still active as a celebrity?" SeoHyun then gave another surprising answer saying, "He's retired from the industry right now." 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

SunMi for GRAZIA's March issue!

Here's something to look forward to in the upcoming March issue of GRAZIA magazine!

Below are SunMi's beautiful pictures for you to check out~

See TaeTiSeo's pictures and behind the scenes from MIXXO's spring pictorial

TaeTiseo plus Mixxo equals OMG!

Back to stun everyone, here comes the behind the scenes clip from their pictorial~

Watch SNSD YoonA's video greeting for CROCS

CROCS newest endorser is here to greet all her fans!

She's no other than SNSD's YoonA, and you can see her greeting below~

The lovely Jessica Jung at Dior's event

The lovely Jessica Jung is here to delight us!

Below are her pretty pictures from DIOR's event~

Check out the beautiful selfies from SNSD's TaeYeon and SooYoung

Posing with Dyson's hair dryer, here are the lovely SooYoung and TaeYeon of SNSD!

Check them out below~

Feeling happy about the released of 'I Got Love', you can also see TaeYeon's adorable clip below.

SNSD TaeYeon 'I Got Love' Lyrics (English)

SNSD TaeYeon 'I Got Love' Lyrics (English)

Attraction is easy
That common method to spend this night
To do that, we’re definitely a bit different
Let’s do this, magic, desire and the moon whisper at night
That’s okay, honey
Darkness deepens
It’ll cover the secrets
Where it pulls me
I want to go there

Tell me now
Why you baby
Why you baby
Like this universe
Inside of you
Need you closer
Need you closer
If I fall in
One restless breath
As if drunk, wanders dreams
Wanders for you, can you believe it?

Piled in a small space
The word that desired you and I
If this heat is concealed by a mask
Take it off and throw it away
The anxiety and suspicion that seemed like it would break has disappeared
Yeah, hurry here, honey
Existence in front of eyes
You’re alive and moving
Drunk with all five senses
I want to know you better

Tell me now
Why you baby
Why you baby
Like this universe
Inside of you
Need you closer
Need you closer
If I fall in
One restless breath
As if drunk, wanders dreams
Wanders for you, can you believe it?

So everything collapses
So everything melts
You outrageously drive me crazy
Turn me, turn me on
You don’t stop that fire cause
I got love
I got love
I got love

Tell me now
Why you baby
Why you baby
Like this universe
Inside of you
Need you closer
Need you closer
If I fall in
One restless breath
Wanders for you, as if drunk
Wanders dreams, can you believe it?

SNSD TaeYeon unveiled her MV for 'I Got Love'

The wait is officially over for SNSD TaeYeon' 'I Got Love' MV, her pre-released track from her upcoming full album!

Click the play button, and enjoy her wonderful treat below~

Friday, February 17, 2017

See the lovely pictures from f(x)'s Victoria

Queen Victoria is here to bless us with her lovely selfies!

Check them out below~

Check out SNSD Yuri's making film from 'BLACKEY' jeans

SNSD's Yuri is back with more treats from 'BLACKEY' jeans!

Following her gorgeous pictures, you can now enjoy her making films below~

SNSD HyoYeon for 'Absolute New York'

Absolutely beautiful, here's SNSD's HyoYeon for 'Absolute New York'.

Check out her lovely promotional picture for the cosmetic brand below~

Thursday, February 16, 2017

SNSD TaeYeon unveiled her 'I Got Love' 2nd MV teaser!

We got SNSD's TaeYeon and she's here to spread the love!

Following her first teaser MV, and pictures, here's another one for 'I Got Love' which will be released on the 18th~

Check out SNSD YoonA's charming stills from 'The King Loves'

SNSD YoonA's latest drama titled 'The King Loves' is coming soon!

It will air later this year and while waiting for the exact date, you can see YoonA's charming photos first~

See SNSD SeoHyun's teaser from 'Knowing Brothers'

Together with Lee Joon, SNSD's SeoHyun is coming to the latest episode of jTBC's 'Knowing Brothers'!

Their episode will be aired on the 18th of February, and you can watch their amusing teasers below~

More of SNSD YoonA's delightful pictures from 'H:Connect'

Time to meet the charming endorser of the SPA brand named 'H:Connect'.

She's no other than SNSD's YoonA, and here are her adorable promotional video and pictures to greet her fans~

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